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23rd April 2003

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced the Autumn 2003 release of Dog’s Life, an all-new 3D action-adventure game that invites kids to experience a day in the life of a dog. Developed by the creator of the seminal videogame Elite, Dog’s Life delivers an innovative spin on the traditional character-action genre, with the creation of a lead character that not only look like a dog, but also acts like a dog!

Allowing the player to do anything a dog can do from digging, chasing, fetching, herding, swimming, begging, hunting, marking territory and more (so bring along your poopie scoop!) Dog’s Life provides the opportunity to become your favourite pet!

The game follows the adventures of Jake, a mischievous young dog who sets out on an epic journey across the USA to track down his best friend Daisy, and finds himself embroiled in a nefarious dog-napping plot. Travelling from his home in the sleepy Mid-West countryside, through scenic ski resorts, all the way to a bustling metropolis, Jake uncovers a sinister plot hatched by the evil Miss Peaches.

Dog’s Life features huge interactive environments that allow players to wander around at their leisure, interacting with a wide variety of both animal and human non-player characters. With "Smellovision" a unique mode that provides a first-person canine view of the world, in which smells stand out as colours in an otherwise sepia environment dog lovers can experience the world through a dog’s eyes.

Dog’s Life features more than 20 different breeds of dog that players can control and interact with. Success in the game is influenced by how well players take care of Jake. Eating unhealthy scraps from the bin causes Jake to slow down, and poor grooming makes it more difficult for Jake to enlist assistance from humans.

Combining a compelling storyline with unique gameplay and tongue-in-cheek humour, Dog’s Life is a completely original gaming experience that will captivate pet lovers of all ages.

"As we expand the PlayStation 2 user-base, it is important that we encourage developers to branch out and create innovative titles that appeal to a broader audience," said Chris Deering, president, SCEE. The addition of games such as Dog’s Life to the PlayStation 2 software catalogue reinforces our commitment to deliver unique and fresh content that is fun for the entire family."

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